Where To Use Patio Heaters
   · Outdoor Lounging And Seating Areas
   · Restaurants, Hotels And Country Clubs
   · Swimming Pool Decks And Pool Entrances
   · Home Decks And Grilling Areas
   · Sports And Entertainment Areas
   · Waiting Areas
   · Seating Areas Around Concessions
   · Commercial Sales Outlets

General Rules For Locating Heaters

Always locate heaters so specified clearances to combustible materials are maintained. 

While patio heaters can operate effectively to maintain comfort levels even in completely exposed areas, weather and wind protection is recommended.

Restaurants and cafes generally use groups of heaters in their outdoor patio dining areas. The number of units depends on patio size and climate conditions. Large pool and recreational areas benefit from extended use when several units are placed where people naturally gather.

When multiple heaters are used, spacing of 8'-15' is recommended depending upon conditions. 15' spacing is typically adequate for well protected areas in mild climates while 8' spacing may be required for unprotected areas in very cold climates. Total heat density requirements  (BTU/ft²) for a specific area normally range from 250 BTU/ft² minimum to 750 BTU/ft² in exposed areas. Please contact us for recommendations.