Sunglo "Low Dollar" Manufacturers
Service Sunglo has been in business since 1961 and remains the premier patio heater manufacturer. F.J. Evans Engineering has been in business since 1927. Parts and service will always be available. Many low dollar manufacturers are here today, gone tomorrow. Parts and service for some units can be very difficult to find.
Commercial Quality Sunglo only manufactures quality commercial grade products. Those who have experience (restaurants, rental facilities, etc.) buy Sunglo because they know it will last. Low dollar manufacturers are interested in cutting costs and building a cheaper unit. You get what you pay for.
100% Made In USA Sunglo products are 100% made in the USA. Many manufacturers manufacture or have their parts manufactured overseas.
Quality Finish Sunglo units last longer because they are manufactured with 16 gauge aluminized steel pole with powder coat finish. Units with a painted steel pole will rust.
Quality Reflector Sunglo units last longer because they are manufactured with 16 gauge aluminum reflector dome. Units with porcelain domes are fragile, and will crack and discolor under long term exposure to heat.
Long Lasting Burner Sunglo units are manufactured with sheet metal burners that burn cooler and last longer. Cast iron burners rust quickly.
Wind Protection Sunglo's burner design provides good protection from the wind. Some units blow out easily in the wind.
Stability Sunglo bases are extra heavy for greater stability. Some units with lighter bases are prone to tip over.